Monday, August 15, 2016

WSO2 API Manager based solutions frequently asked questions and answers for them - 03

Can API Manager audit a source request IP address, and the user who made the request?
Yes, information on the request IP and user is captured and can be logged to a report.

Automation support for API setup and for configuring the API gateway?
Supported, setup can be automated through tools like Puppet. Puppet for common deployment patterns are also available for download.

Capability to run reports on API usage, call volume, latency, etc? 
Supported, API usage, call volume and latency can be reported. However information on caching is not reported.

Logging support and capability to integrate with 3rd party logging module?
By default our products use log4j for logging and if need we can plug custom log appenders. It is possible to push logs to an external system as well.

Billing and payment support & monitoring tools for API usage?
Billing and payment integration support is not available OOTB. But extension points are available to integrate with an external billing and payment systems. Currently WSO2 API Cloud (SaaS offering of WSO2 API Manager) is integrated with payment system successfully. So users can implement required extensions and get the job done.

Capability of message processing cycle control via pre/post processing?
Supported, it is possible to do some pre/post processing of messages based on what is available OOTB, however some pre/post processing would require custom capabilities to be written.

Does it support adapters or connectors to 3rd party systems such as Salesforce etc.
Supported by WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Integration Platform provides connectors to over 130 3rd party systems including The entire list of connectors can be accessed and downloaded from the following site."

Capability of monitoring and enforcing policy (i.e. message intercept).
Supported, it is possible to validate the message against a XSD to ensure that its compliant with a schema definition, it is also possible to audit and log messages and manage overall security by enforcing WS-Security on messages.

Multiple technology database support?
Database connectivity is provided via a JDBC adapter and multiple JDBC adapters can be used at the same-time. It is possible to change from one database technology to another as long as a JDBC adapter is available.

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