Monday, August 29, 2016

Fail over Traffic Manager data receiver pattern for API Gateway.

The idea behind fail over data receiver endpoint is stopping single-point-of-failure in a system. As the broker deployed in each traffic manager and storing and forwarding the messages, if that server goes down entire message flowing of the system will go down no matter what other servers and functions are involved. Thus in order to make a robust messaging system it is mandatory to have a fail-over mechanism.

When we have few instances of Traffic Manager servers up and running in the system generally each of these server is having brocker. If one broker goes down then gateway automatically switch to the other broker and continue throttle message receiving. If that one also fails it will try next and so on. Thus as a whole system will not have a downtime.

So in order to achieve high availability for data receiving side we need to configure JMSConnectionParameters to connect multiple broker running within each traffic manager. So for that we need add following configuration to each gateway. If single gateway is communicating with multiple traffic manager this is the easiest way to configure gateway to communicate with multiple traffic managers.

To configure that you need to add following configuration to each gateway worker. Then it will pick updates from any of the traffic manager event if some of them not functioning.


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