Monday, August 29, 2016

Deploy multiple traffic managers with load balance data publisher failover data receiver pattern.

Load balancing events to a set of servers

Copy of Copy of traffic-manager-deployment-LBPublisher-failoverReciever(1).png

This setup shows load balancing the event to publish it to all Traffic Manager receivers. The load balanced publishing is done in a Round Robin manner, sending each event to each receiver in a circular order without any priority. It also handles fail-over cases such as, if Traffic Manager Receiver-1 is marked as down, then the Data Agent will send the data only to Traffic Manager Receiver-2(and if we have more node then for all of them) in a round robin manner. When Traffic Manager Receiver-1 becomes active after some time, the Data Agent automatically detects it, adds it to the operation, and again starts to load balance between all receivers. This functionality significantly reduces the loss of data and provides more concurrency.

For this functionality, include the server URL in the Data Agent as a general DAS/CEP receiver URL. The URL should be entered in a comma separated format as shown below.


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