Monday, June 26, 2017

How to run MSF4J micro services within WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (EI)

WSO2 EI is designed to run MSF4J services as separate run time. But this is not limited to one MSF4J service. You can start run time and deploy/ re-deploy services while server is running. So unlike in fat jar mode we can run multiple services within same container without spawning JVM per service.

We do have sample for that. Please refer below instructions.

First go to /samples/msf4j/stockquote

From this directory, run
mvn clean install

Go to the /wso2/msf4j/bin directory
Then run the following command to start the MSF4J profile.

The copy the target/msf4j-sample-StockQuoteService.jar to wso2/msf4j/deployment/microservices directory of MSF4J profile.
Then the jar will be automatically deployed to the server runtime.

How to test the sample
curl http://localhost:9090/stockquote/IBM