Monday, August 29, 2016

Deploy multiple traffic managers with load balance data publisher failover data receiver pattern.

Sending all the events to several receivers

Copy of Copy of traffic-manager-deployment-LBPublisher-failoverReciever.png
This setup involves sending all the events to more than one Traffic Manager receiver. This approach is mainly followed when you use other servers to analyze events together with Traffic Manager servers. You can use this functionality to publish the same event to both servers at the same time. This will be useful to perform real time analytics with CEP and to persist the data, and also to perform complex analysis with DAS in nearly real time with the same data.

Similar to load balancing between a set of servers, in this scenario you need to modify the Data Agent URL. You should include all DAS/CEP receiver URLs within curly braces ({}) separated with commas as shown below.

<ReceiverUrlGroup>{tcp://},{tcp://} </ReceiverUrlGroup>

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