Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to avoid getting empty response to client due to slowness in key validation call - WSO2 API Manager

Users may get empty response due to slowness in key validation call due to the possibility of timeout gateway to key manager service call. These timeouts can happen in many different ways like below.
01. Connection timeout happen during establishment phase.
We can address this using axis2 client configuration change. Default connection timeout is 60 seconds and we can change that using below property.
Connection Timeout - the time to establish a connection with the remote host
02. Socket timeout due to inactivity to wait packets to arrive.
We can configure this value as well through axis2 client configuration change. Default value of this property is 60 seconds and we can change that as required.
Socket Timeout - this is the time of inactivity to wait for packets to arrive
03. Delay due to slow healthy connection .
In this case connection establishment and packet sending happens as usual. But data transfer between server and client getting delayed. In this case what happens is http client keep sending data to server till it accepts them.  We can recreate this by adding slow proxy or something like that. Here important thing is if we notice this type of delay then all UI operations including logging, token retrieval, update etc will also effect. We do not have specific property to override this waiting time from http client level. After 2 minutes this throws error. But before that after 1 minute source handler getting timeout and user will get empty response as it breaks connection.
To send some sort of error to client source handler should wait more than 2 minutes without getting timeout. So if we increase passthrough level socket timeout to 3 mins or so then it will wait till key manager error comes due to data send error. Then key validation handler will send proper unclassified authentication error with error code. Increasing passthrough socket timeout will effect all APIs deployed in the system as its transport level property. But most of the cases proper clients will have timeout values in client level so they will not effect due to this changes. If some client waits forever without having timeout then they will get error like below.
{"fault":{"code":900900,"message":"Unclassified Authentication Failure","description":"Error while accessing backend services for API key validation"}}
To set socket timeout please edit following property in passthru-http.properties.
Please refer this[1] document to understand more about client properties.