Monday, August 15, 2016

WSO2 API Manager based solutions frequently asked questions and answers for them - 01

OAuth support for REST API and WS-security token for SOAP/XML?
OAuth 2.0 support for REST API is available in WSO2 product platform. WS security, basic auth, xacml and other common authentication authorization implementations available in WSO2 solution and users can use them.

Support HMAC header signature or OAuth for REST API and WS-security message signature for SOAP service?
HMAC header signature validation and verification need to implement as separate handler and engage to API. That is not available as a OOTB solution. Both requirements can be fulfilled by writing a custom extension.

Support HTTPS for REST and ws-security message encryption for SOAP?
WSO2 supports WS Security and WS-Policy specifications. These specifications define a behavioral model for web services. A requirement for one proxy service may not be valid for another. Therefore, WSO2 provides the option to define service specific requirements. Security functionality is provided by the Security Management feature which is bundled by default in the Service Management feature of the WSO2 feature repository. The Security Management feature makes it easy to secure the proxy services of the ESB by providing twenty pre-defined, commonly-used security scenarios. These security policies are disabled by default.

Can safely publish APIs to external mobile applications?
Supported, APIs can be exposed to external mobile applications for consumption. Similarly a separate gateway can expose APIs for internal consumption as well.

Is it possible to integrate with external log systems or analyzing frameworks?
Users need to write custom log agent or use syslog agent to integrate with external tools. We have done similar integrations previously and use syslog agent for that.

Is it supports the 'API First' design with capabilities to publish API interfaces and/or import Swagger 2.0 definition(s)?
API first design capability is support with Swagger 2.0. It is possible to upload or refer a Swagger document and create the API based on this Swagger document.

Capability to support established open API documentation frameworks?
Supported, Swagger based documentation is supported. It is possible to create APIs based on a Swagger document. It is also possible to interactively test APIs through Swagger.

Can we deploy a prototyped API quickly without actual back end system?
"It is possible to deploy a new API or a new version of an existing API as a prototype.  It gives subscribers an early implementation of the API that they can try out without a subscription or monetization. Similarly in case if the actual back end service implementation is not available it is possible to create mock responses that can be sent as a response for API requests."

Capability to browse and search APIs by provider, tag, name?
Supported, it is possible to search APIs and associated documentation as well as tag and filter APIs available in the portal.

Provides a developer portal with dashboard, subscription to API,  provisioning API keys capabilities & tokens?
API store (developer portal) provides a dashboard from which developers can  search, subscribe, generate API keys, rate and review APIs and view usage statistics from the API Store.

How API Manager supports community engagement with capabilities?
API Store (developer portal) allows users to self sign-up which can even be linked to an approval process where an authorized user's needs to approve the sign up before a user is allowed to access the portal. Users are able to view usage statistics, contribute towards the user forum, comment/review and rate APIs.

Capability to publish APIs to internal users only, external partners only and all users?
Supported, API visibility and subscription availability can be restricted based on user roles and tenants (if the API Manager is deployed in the multi-tenant mode).

Capability to provision API keys on demand?
Supported, API keys can be provisioned by users on-demand via the API Store or through the provided RESTful API.

Supports publishing and deploying APIs to multiple API Gateways?
Supported, it is possible to publish an API to a selected Gateway or to multiple Gateways.

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