Monday, September 26, 2016

WSO2 API Manager - Subscription Throttling with burst controlling works?

Next thing is subscription level API throttling. When you have API in store, subscribers will come there and subscribe to that API. Whenever subscription made we will make record saying user subscribed to this API using this application. So whenever API request come to API gateway we will get application id(which use to identify API uniquely) and API context + version(which we can use to identify API uniquely) to create key to do subscription level throttling. That means when subscription level throttling happens it will always count requests for API subscribed to given application.

Upto API Manager 1.10 this subscription level throttling allowed per user basis. That means if multiple users use same subscription each of them can have copy of allowed quota and it will be unmanageable at some point as user base grows.

Also when you define advanced throttling policies you can also define burst control policy. This is very important because otherwise one user can consume all allocated requests within short period of time and rest of users cannot use API in fair way.

Screenshot from 2016-09-26 17-51-38.png

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