Monday, September 26, 2016

WSO2 API Manager new throttling - How Blocking condition work ?

Blocking requests will be executed first as it's the least expensive check. All blocking conditions will be evaluated per node basis. Blocking conditions are just checks of certain conditions and we don't need to maintain counters across all gateway nodes. For blocking conditions we will be evaluate requests against following attributes. All these blocking conditions can add and will be evaluated at tenant level. That means one tenant cannot block other requests etc.
apiContext - if users need to block all requests coming to given API then we may use this blocking condition. Here API content will be complete context of API URL.
appLevelBlockingKey - If users need to block all requests coming to some application then they can use this blocking condition. Here throttle key will be construct by combining subscriber name and application name.
authorizedUser - If we need to block requests coming from specific user then they can use this blocking condition. Blocking key will be authorized users present in message context.
ipLevelBlockingKey - IP level blocking can use when we need to block specific IP address accessing our system. Then this one also apply at tenant level and blocking key will be constructed using IP address of incoming message and tenant id.

Screenshot from 2016-09-26 17-56-30.png

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