Monday, September 26, 2016

WSO2 API Manager - How advanced API and Resource level throttling works?

If request is not blocked request then we will move to API level throttling. Here we will do throttling for API level and resource level. Here always API level throttle key will be API name. That means we can control API requests per API.

Advanced API level policy applicable at 2 levels(this do not support from UI level at the moment, but runtime support this).
  1. Per user level - All API request counts happen against user(per user +api combination).
  2. Per API/Resource level -  Without considering user all counts maintain per API basis.

For the moment let's only consider per API count as it's supported OOB. First API level throttling will happen. Which means if you added some policy when you define API then it will applicable at API level.

Then you can also add throttling tiers at resource level when you create API. That means for a given resource you will be allowed certain quota. That means even if same resource accessed by different applications still it allows same amount of requests.

Screenshot from 2016-09-26 17-53-50.png

When you design complex policy you will be able to define policy based on multiple parameters such as transport headers, IP addresses, user agent or any other header based attribute. When we evaluate this kind of complex policy always API or resource ID will be picked as base key. Then it will create multiple keys based on the number of conditional groups have in your policy.

Screenshot from 2016-09-26 17-54-01.png

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