Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to increase maximum number of Proxies using JMS Listeners - WSO2 ESB

Here we will see how we can increase maximum number of Proxies using JMS Listeners. When you create JMS proxy services in WSO2 ESB you might see something like below(if you created at-least 20 JMS proxies).

[2013-11-07 20:25:41,875]  WARN - JMSListener Polling tasks on destination : JMStoHTTPStockQuoteProxy18 of type queue for service JMStoHTTPStockQuoteProxy18 have not yet started after 3 seconds ..

So lets see how we can avoid this issue. For this we need to increase number of threads which consume messages from jms queues. So we need to edit file and add following 2 parameters as system properties.

    -Dsnd_t_core=200 \
    -Dsnd_t_max=250 \

Then restart server.Or you can create new folder named /conf inside server root and add file named Contents of should be as follows.


Add that file and restart server.

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