Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WSO2 ESB JSON to XML transformation sample

1. Deploy the SimpleStockQuoteService in sample Axis2 server and start it on port 9000.
  goto wso2esb-4.7.0/samples/axis2Client/SimpleStockQuoteService/
  Then run ant command to build sample(type ant)
   Start axis2 server by using command sh      

2. Start WSO2 ESB and add following proxy service configuration from source view.

 <proxy name="JSONProxy" transports="http https">
                <address uri="http://localhost:9000/services/SimpleStockQuoteService"/>
                <log level="full"/>
                <xslt key="in_transform"/>
                <property name="messageType" scope="axis2" value="text/xml"/>
                <log level="full"/>
                <xslt key="out_transform"/>
                <property name="messageType" scope="axis2" value="application/json"/>
    <localEntry key="in_transform">
        <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
                        xmlns:m0="http://services.samples" version="2.0" exclude-result-prefixes="m0 fn">
            <xsl:output method="xml" omit-xml-declaration="yes" indent="yes"/>
            <xsl:template match="*">
                <xsl:element name="{local-name()}" namespace="http://services.samples">
                    <xsl:copy-of select="attribute::*"/>
    <localEntry key="out_transform">
        <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0">
            <xsl:output method="xml" version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"/>
            <xsl:template match="*">
                <xsl:element name="{local-name()}">

3. Invoke created JSON proxy by using following request
payload> {"getQuote":{"request":{"symbol":"IBM"}}}
Header> Content-Type: application/json

Sample curl request

curl -v -H "Content-Type: application/json" POST -d '{"getQuote":{"request":{"symbol":"IBM"}}}' http://localhost:8280/services/JSONProxy

Then you will recieve JSON response similar to
"67.1998913871881","lastTradeTimestamp":"Wed Oct 16 14:39:16 IST 2013","low":"68.94581289774287","marketCap":"-5387372.221669148","name":"IBM Company","open":"-66.52524061422466","peRatio":"23.47679801684674","percentageChange":

Here what happen is
Client > sending json request > JSON proxy in sequence -convert message to xml  > send to actual back end server > JSON proxy in sequence -convert xml response to JSON > Client will receive JSON response

JSON client will send a stockquote request to ESB using the JSON content interchange format. Synapse will transform it into a SOAP request and forward to the Axis2 server. The SOAP response from the Axis2 server will be converted into a JSON message and sent back to the JSON client.

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