Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WSO2 ESB - How to secure API with Basic Auth

01. You can download basicAuth JAR file from the following location[1], copy it to the repository/component/lib directory, and restart the ESB. 
02. Please copy this configuration to your synapse configuration 
03. Invoke it with following curl command or any client(please note you must send basic auth header with request and invoke through https ports). 
      curl -v -k -H "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=" https://localhost:8243/RESTWebService/dept/1


   <api name="test-api" context="/RESTWebService"> 
      <resource methods="GET" protocol="https" uri-template="/dept/{id}"> 
            <log level="full"/> 
               <property name="REST_URL_POSTFIX" expression="get-property('')"/> 
            <property name="POST_TO_URI" value="true" scope="axis2"/> 
               <endpoint name="test-api_APIEndpoint_0"> 
                  <address uri="http://service_host:port/RESTWebService/rest/departments/"/> 
         <handler class=""/> 

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