Friday, July 1, 2016

How to limit API edit to only API owner and prevent API edits from other users WSO2 API Manager.

All users in same tenant with publisher role can edit APIs. If the users are in different tenants,even though the users have publisher role cannot edit the APIs created by users in other tenants. super admin and users who have publisher role in that tenant can edit.

But we have few other solutions to address similar use cases.

If you need to avoid API developers updating running APIs in system, we can have solution for that. For that you can have 2 different roles for API creators and publisher with relevant permissions. Then API developers will have permission to only create and edit APIs. But they cannot publish those APIs or change running APIs. Only publishers can review changes with API developer and publish them to run time.

Another workaround is create different role for the APIs you don't want to access by other users.
Then grant login, API create, publish permission for that role. And you have to manually set registry permissions of API resource in a way only users with newly created role can edit and modify that.
But please note that manual resource permission changes can lead to issues if you exactly don't know what you are doing.
Or you can go to current provider level in registry(/_system/governance/apimgt/applicationdata/provider/sanjeewa) and control access in that level as follows. Here only sanjeewa user(who only have api_creator role) having permission to edit resource and others do not have permission to edit this resource. So other users have api_publisher role and they cannot modify, update resource.

And when you control access from registry level if someone tried to edit that API then it will print error logs saying you don't have permission to edit API. And in UI you will see error message saying error while updating API or something like that. So in summary this is not good solution but if you need to protect one API from others you may use similar approach. But we do not recommend this for many APIs.

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