Monday, July 18, 2016

How endpoint timeouts and timeout handler configurations in synapse related each other WSO2 ESB and API Manager

Sometimes you may notice setting the timeout to be 10 seconds, and configure backend to always return in 18 seconds, you still get from time to time the response from the back end service even though you should always get the timeout.

According to current implementation timeout handler runs in every 15 seconds. Which means through there is endpoints timeouts, the TimeoutHandler executes every 15 seconds and real timeout happens after that. Most of the practical cases setting endpoint timeouts to very smaller limits like 5s or 10s is rare. So even if we can change this value its highly recommend to use these tuning parameters carefully(as it may effect to any endpoint with no timeout values and it causes to run handler frequently).

When server startup it will print timeout handler frequency as follows.

TID: [0] [AM] [2016-07-13 08:24:39,552] INFO {org.apache.synapse.SynapseControllerFactory} - The timeout handler will run every : 15s {org.apache.synapse.SynapseControllerFactory}

If you need to change it then you may need to edit file and add following parameter.

The back end service to which a request has been sent are repeatedly called back for responses at time intervals specified for this parameter. Any endpoints have timed out are identified during these time intervals, and they are no longer called back. Note that specifying a lower value for this parameter results in a higher overhead on the system.

More information can find here[1]


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