Monday, November 3, 2014

Enable web service key validation and session affinity - WSO2 API Manager deployment in AWS

In clustered environment following issue can happen if we didn't enabled session affinity.
TID: [0] [AM] [2015-11-01 23:31:42,819] WARN {org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.keymgt.service.thrift.APIKeyValidationServiceImpl} - Invalid session id for thrift authenticator. {org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.keymgt.service.thrift.APIKeyValidationServiceImpl}
TID: [0] [AM] [2015-11-01 23:31:42,820] WARN {} - Login failed.. Authenticating again.. {}
TID: [0] [AM] [2015-11-01 23:31:42,821] ERROR {} - API authentication failure {}

When API gateway receives API call we do token validation call to key management service running on key management server. First we will authenticate with key management service and then do secure call to validate token. This key management service is running on all API Manager nodes. When client call to validate token it will authenticate with service running in one server and actual validation service call going to other server. To resolve this issue please follow below instructions.

Set following properties in API Manager configuration file and restart servers. With this we will be using web service call between gateway and key manager to validate token. Most of load balancers cannot route thrift messages in session aware way. So we will use web service call for that.

Also you need to configure key management server URL properly in configurations(see following configuration).

To enable session affinity. Enable session affinity and enable application generated session cookies in load balancer level. Also set cookie name as JSESSIONID. Then it will route requests in session aware manner.

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