Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recommended system requirement for WSO2 carbon 4.2.0 based products

Here are list of recommended hardware configurations for WSO2 carbon 4.2.0 based products. With following specifications we can get maximum output of servers.

Physical : 3GHz Dual-core Xeon/Opteron (or latest), 4 GB RAM 
(minimum : 2 GB for JVM and 2GB for the OS, 10GB free disk space 
(minimum) disk based on the expected storage requirements 
(calculate by considering the file uploads and the backup policies) . 

Virtual Machine : 2 compute units minimum (each unit having 1.0-1.2 
GHz Opteron/Xeon processor) 4 GB RAM 10GB free disk space. 
One cpu unit for OS and one for JVM. (e.g if 3 Carbon instances 
running require VM of 4 compute units 8 GB RAM 30 GB free space) 

EC2 : M1-Medium instance to run one Carbon instance. (e.g if 3 Carbon 
instances EC2 Large instance)

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