Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to create multipart file upload API in WSO2 API Manager

I tried this scenario in my local machine with multi part file upload sample[1]. Please refer my instructions below.

01. Deployed file uploading war file into webserver(for this example i used WSO2  Application server 5.2.0).
02. Create API from publisher UI in API manager by pointing to file upload web service, and then publish API. Here you don't have to add any other parameter to synapse configuration.
03. Create SoapUI project to send requests(attached here).
04. Then added file attachment and oauth authentication header and send request to API manager's API.

I was able to send large(4.0 MB) files without any issue. I have attached file to this JIRA and it contains all artefacts i used for this test(file upload war file, SoapUI project and API definition).


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