Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to enable AWS based clustering mode in WSO2 Carbon products (WSO2 API Manager cluster with AWS clustering)

To try aws based clustering on AWS you can change the membership scheme to AWS, and then provide the following parameters in the clustering section of the axis2.xml file. Before you try this on API Manager 1.8.0 please download this jar[JarFile] files and add them as patch.

1. accessKey       
<parameter name="accessKey">TestKey</parameter>

2. secretKey
 <parameter name="secretKey">testkey</parameter>

3. securityGroup       
<parameter name="securityGroup">AWS_Cluster</parameter>

4. connTimeout (optional)
5. hostHeader (optional)
6. region (optional)
7. tagKey (optional)
8. tagValue (optional)

See following sample configuration. Edit clustering section in the CARBON_HOME/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml file as follows.

<clustering class="org.wso2.carbon.core.clustering.hazelcast.HazelcastClusteringAgent"
        <parameter name="AvoidInitiation">true</parameter>
        <parameter name="membershipScheme">aws</parameter>
        <parameter name="domain">wso2.am.domain</parameter>
        <parameter name="localMemberPort">5701</parameter>
        <parameter name="accessKey">test</parameter>
        <parameter name="secretKey">test</parameter>
        <parameter name="securityGroup">AWS_Cluster</parameter>

By default, Hazelcast uses port 5701. It is recommended to create a Hazelcast specific security group. Then, an inbound rule for port 5701 from s
g-hazelcast needs to be added to this security group.
Open the Amazon EC2 console.
Click Security Groups in the left menu.
Click Create Security Group and enter a name (e.g. sg-hazelcast ) and description for the security group, click Yes, Create .
On Security Groups page, select the security group sg-hazelcast on the right pane.
You will see a field below the security group list with the tabs Details and Inbound. Select Inbound.
Select Custom TCP rule in the field Create a new rule.
Type 5701 into the field Port range and sg-hazelcast into Source.

Then when we initialize cluster all nodes in same security group will be added as WKA members.
Once you done with configurations restart servers.

Then you will following message in carbon logs.
[2015-06-23 10:02:47,730]  INFO - HazelcastClusteringAgent Cluster domain: wso2.am.domain
[2015-06-23 10:02:47,731]  INFO - HazelcastClusteringAgent Using aws based membership management scheme
[2015-06-23 10:02:57,604]  INFO - HazelcastClusteringAgent Hazelcast initialized in 9870ms
[2015-06-23 10:02:57,611]  INFO - HazelcastClusteringAgent Local member: [5e6bd517-512a-45a5-b702-ebf304cdb8c4] - Host:, Remote Host:null, Port: 5701, HTTP:8280, HTTPS:8243, Domain: wso2.am.domain, Sub-domain:worker, Active:true
[2015-06-23 10:02:58,323]  INFO - HazelcastClusteringAgent Cluster initialization completed
Then spawn next instance. When next server startup completed you will see following message in current node.
[2015-06-23 10:06:21,344]  INFO - AWSBasedMembershipScheme Member joined [417843d3-7456-4368-ad4b-5bad7cf21b09]: /
Then terminate second instance. Then you will see following message.
[2015-06-23 10:07:39,148]  INFO - AWSBasedMembershipScheme Member left [417843d3-7456-4368-ad4b-5bad7cf21b09]: /
This means you have done configurations properly.

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