Friday, January 23, 2015

WSO2 API Manager - Troubleshoot common deployment issues

 Here are some of useful tips when you work on deployment related issues.

-Dsetup doesn't work for usage tables. Usage table definitions are not there in setup scripts.
In WSO2 API Manager and BAM deployment we need user manager database, registry database and api manager database. We do have setup scripts for those database under db scripts folder of product distribution.  There is no need to create any tables in stats database(manually or using setup script) as API Manager toolbox(deployed in BAM) will create them when hive queries get executed. -Dsetup option will not apply to the hive scripts inside toolbox deployed in BAM.

Understand connectivity between components in distributed API manager deployment.
This is important when you work on issues related to distributed API Manager deployment. Following steps to explain connectivity between components. It would be useful to listed them here.

1. Changed the admin password
2. Tried to log in to publisher and got the insufficient privilege error
3. Then changed the admin password in authManager element in api-manager.xml
4. Restarted and I was able to login to API publisher. Then I created an API and tried to publish. Got a permission error again.
5. Then, I changed password under API Gateway element in api-manager.xml
6. Restarted and published the API. Then, tried to invoke an API using an existing key. Got the key validation error.
7. Then, I changed the admin password in KeyManager element in api-manager.xml and all issues got resolved.

Thrift key validation does not work when we have load balancer fronted key manager.
Reason for this is most of load balancers not capable of routing traffic in session aware manner. So in such cases its always recommend to use WS key validation client.

Usage data related issues.
When you work with usage data related issues first we should check data source configurations in BAM and API Manager. Then we need to check created tables in usage database. Most of reported issues are due to configuration issues.  Same applies to billing sample as well.

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