Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to revoke access tokens programmatically In API Manager 1.4.0

Here in this article we will see how we can revoke tokens manually using curl command or any other client. We have rest endpoint to revoke access token. For this you need to provide required information with revoke request. See following sample curl commands. Hope you will be able to implement your client based on those requests. You need to pass token to be revoked, consumer key and authorized user as parameters.

Login to Publisher:
curl -X POST -c cookieshttp://localhost:9763/publisher/site/blocks/user/login/ajax/login.jag -d 'action=login&username=admin&password=admin'

Revoke Tokens:
curl  –X POST -b cookieshttp://localhost:9763/publisher/site/blocks/tokens/ajax/revokeToken.jag -d "action=revokeAccessToken&accessToken=hLmK_5TvX6f2NiSXkZ3h_l2NpnIa


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