Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Display WebPage on Top of Application in Blackberry Mobile Device

Sometimes we need to display web page on top of our blackberry application
to display help page or link some web page in such cases we can use this method to
call that web page.That opens given web page on top of application

public void run()
//getPage method is also i have mentioned in This Blog
//please refer that
try {
BrowserSession bSession = Browser.getDefaultSession();
byte bytes[] = getPage("").getBytes();
//To use this You have download "org/apache/commons/codec"
//and save in src folder
Base64 bb=new Base64();
byte bytes1[]=Base64.encodeBase64(bytes);
String str=new String(bytes1);
catch (Exception e)
Dialog.alert("Error In connecting="+e.toString());

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  1. getpage() method available at this post